Golden Eagle Hunting Goats

A Golden Eagle shows off it smarts by using a cunning hunting strategy. One on one the eagle is no match for goats. This eagle has figured out a way to get a hearty meal with less work. The Golden Eagle sits perched watching the goats graze on a cliff side and waits until one gets close enough to the edge of the cliff, then it swoops in and grabs the goats hind legs in it’s iron clad grip and drags it over the edge of the cliff dropping it onto the ground below.

Alex Clare – Whispering – Chillax Version (NSFW)

Fan Alex Boom gathered some clips of incredibly gorgeous women and laid them over 2 minutes of Alex Clare’s song “Whispering”. This isn’t the full length song so it probably isn’t really considered a music video.

Some of the clips show partial nudity so make sure you watch this 2 minutes of fantasy greatness at home, when your wife is gone, and make sure the door is locked. We don’t need another embarrassing incident.

Rapid Fire Archer

Hun Archery Expert, Lajos Kassai, demonstrates how the ancient Hun archers would rapid fire arrows in combat. He shoots 12 arrows in 17 seconds (1.47 shots per second) while standing still, while on horseback he fires 6 arrows in 10 seconds or 1.66 shots per second, never missing a moving target. That’s one bad ass archer.

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Flight of the Conchords – Feel Inside (and stuff like that)

Flight of the Conchords asks kids to help them write a new single, hilarity ensues. (Song starts at 5:06). Flight of the Conchords is joined by a celebrity ensemble cast with musical artists from around the western world.

The proceeds from the sale of this song goes to Cure Kids, an organization that works to find cures for life-threatening illnesses that affect kids.

Buy the song on iTunes now:

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Girl Reads Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” While on a Vibrator {NSFW}

Alicia’s reading is the second installment in Director Clayton Cubitt‘s “Hysterical Literature” series. These videos feature young women reading from classical literature while being pleasured out of view by a vibrator. She valiantly gets through most of 6 parts of the 22 in “Song of Myself” before the pleasure over takes her and she’s not able to read anymore.

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Or Session #1 of the series here

Transcript after the break.

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